Astra Lime / Slow Reaction

Astra Lime / Slow Reaction

ASTRA LIME/slow reaction is Calcium Oxide (CaO) (Quick lime Hard burned) produced through the burning process of limestone (CaCO3 ) in a chemical process called Calcination, This process is carried out in vertical kilns at a temperature of (1250-1300°C), leading to the decomposition of the limestone (Calcium Carbonate) and turning into (Calcium Oxide) and Carbon Dioxide Our product is characterized by high quality, very smoothness powder with Excellent flowability, the reaction of Calcium oxide with water is very Slow (t 60 = 3 - 15 Minutes).

The main areas of usage and product characteristics

Used in the manufacture of light bricks and aluminum, this product has many features such as Improving the properties of white bricks by reducing the cracks, Increased fire resistance properties for bricks, Gradually drying the bricks during manufacture, Increased brick whiteness, The calcium oxide concentration is 92% , This product is distinguished by its high quality and high concentration

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أسترا لايم - الجير الحي بطئ التفاعل ( اوكسيد الكالسيوم )